Current Interests and Possible Topics

I am still very much interested in discussing theology and the Church, but I am moving in a new direction. I am thinking about writing about the following things in the future (near or distant, blog or book, I don’t know):

Doubt, more specifically, Thomas’ doubt
Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell (I’m currently reading it).
Empiricism and why we shouldn’t fear science
Searching For Sunday by Rachel Held Evans (I’m going to read it next).
Church, what should we be doing vs what we are actually doing
The Environment/Climate Change…should we be concerned or not?
Europe (I traveled in Greece and Germany this summer, and I have some comments on culture and the like).

Before I over book myself, I should stop making this list. If you have any suggestions, hit me up! You know I am always open to what you guys want to read.


One thought on “Current Interests and Possible Topics

  1. And I was wondering recently whether you made it to Europe as you had been planning to – looking forward to reading your comments!
    It’s nice to have you back:)

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