New Start…Maybe?

Hi, folks.

I just did some cleaning up on my site and trashed some blogs. It hurts my conscience to know that they have been on the web for over a year now for people to read. Although I do not regret blogging, as it was very good for me and my worldview, but I do need to withdraw some things that I no longer agree with. So, I may start blogging again here and there, but I would like my content to be more of a discussion than a rant this time. I am trying to learn to apply grace in expressing my opinions.

So for now, until/unless some of you interact with me on my thoughts, I will just try to make some small comments here and there on my thoughts about things. I won’t try to keep any kind of schedule going or stay on a certain topic, but I have a few small things I would like to discuss with anyone who is willing. I hope you are all happy and blessed.



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