Out with the Old and in with the New

Hi, everybody!

I would like to invite you all to visit my new site, Everywhere the Light Touches. I will be graduating college soon. Since I quit blogging on this site after my sophomore year of college, I have written a children’s book called Gizmo about a bunny. Hopefully, I will have it published by the end of March. Meanwhile, I have begun writing for a friend’s magazine. Some of you may remember Van Parkman, who wrote a guest post for me on the Greek New Testament. He is publishing a new magazine, The Coolidge Review, in February.

Check out his Indiegogo campaign here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-coolidge-review-a-political-magazine 

My blog, Fascinating Individuals, will be a series of stories about people I find interesting. I plan to write three stories for each of Van’s magazine publications, which will be every two months, one about a young innovator, one about a middle aged person in a working class job, and one about an older person who had an interesting life. My goal is that by writing about three different generations perspectives on the world, life goals, and life experiences, I will expose them to each other. I hope to help soothe the generation gap and lessen the false stereotypes placed on each of them by the others.

I have another blog about Gizmo. I’m currently working on a prequel and a sequel. I will be doing character interviews soon as well as giving away a short story to anyone that signs up for my newsletter!

My final blog is Easy, Gourmet, Gluten-Free Cooking, where I share my original gluten-free recipes. Even if you aren’t gluten-free, most of my recipes are naturally gluten-free, because I like to keep things easy and affordable.

I also have a Travel page, where I will post updates about full-time RVing life. My fiancee and I, are in the process of finding, buying, and renovating an RV, which will be our home for the next few years.


I had fun writing for you all. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope to see you on my comments feed soon!


Current Interests and Possible Topics

I am still very much interested in discussing theology and the Church, but I am moving in a new direction. I am thinking about writing about the following things in the future (near or distant, blog or book, I don’t know):

Doubt, more specifically, Thomas’ doubt
Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell (I’m currently reading it).
Empiricism and why we shouldn’t fear science
Searching For Sunday by Rachel Held Evans (I’m going to read it next).
Church, what should we be doing vs what we are actually doing
The Environment/Climate Change…should we be concerned or not?
Europe (I traveled in Greece and Germany this summer, and I have some comments on culture and the like).

Before I over book myself, I should stop making this list. If you have any suggestions, hit me up! You know I am always open to what you guys want to read.

New Start…Maybe?

Hi, folks.

I just did some cleaning up on my site and trashed some blogs. It hurts my conscience to know that they have been on the web for over a year now for people to read. Although I do not regret blogging, as it was very good for me and my worldview, but I do need to withdraw some things that I no longer agree with. So, I may start blogging again here and there, but I would like my content to be more of a discussion than a rant this time. I am trying to learn to apply grace in expressing my opinions.

So for now, until/unless some of you interact with me on my thoughts, I will just try to make some small comments here and there on my thoughts about things. I won’t try to keep any kind of schedule going or stay on a certain topic, but I have a few small things I would like to discuss with anyone who is willing. I hope you are all happy and blessed.



God has given us the ability to use words. This is how He created, and it is how we can worship Him. Use your words to glorify Him! Write music, write poetry, write books, write blogs! Encourage others! Read Scripture! Pray!  Use the words God has blessed us with for the purpose that we were created for, to glorify God! 

Life Lessons of a Christian Blogger

Hi, everyone! This is going to be another one of those personal posts. I hope you have enjoyed the Christmas season and have a prosperous New Year!

As many of you know, my first few posts were about theology. They were my attempt at doing theology for myself and by myself. I quickly realized just how dangerous it was, interpreting Scripture by myself.

I am recanting. Not my faith, but my pride. I was very foolish, and I apologize to you all. You see, I learn by writing. The natural side effect of reading is writing, and I read a lot. I learned so many things in the process, and I would like to share the most important one with you all.

When I began blogging in April, I wanted to make a splash with new exciting theology. I thought that I could somehow find something new in Scripture and share it with the masses. The problem is that “there is nothing new under the sun.” I was continuously frustrated because I could not come up with any new ideas. Some patristic writer already said it, and in searching for evidence for my claims, I found their ancient writings. This is comforting now, but I hated it then. I was torn between two thoughts: I could either find something new and risk being a heretic or I could agree with the Fathers and risk being a bore.

Now, I am a happy bore! A bore that has learned to listen to the interpretations of the earliest Christians instead of warping Scripture to fit my own needs. Lord, have mercy on me if I led anyone astray. I am so thankful that I learned this lesson early in life.

Please be careful when interpreting Scripture. Remember the long history of the Bible, and take into account that the Bible would not be in existence without the people who put it together. The Church didn’t create the Bible, and the Bible didn’t create the Church. “They grew up together.”

You may have heard of Sola Scriptura. It is the product of the Reformation (16th century) along with its partners, sola fide and sola gratia. For the first time in the history of the Church, people started interpreting Scripture for themselves. From looking at “scripture alone” (and of course their own life experiences and bias as a filter), they came up with many many new doctrines, most of them contradictory to one another and the historical interpretations. Sola fide and sola gratia are contradictory. Faith alone and Grace alone. Faith alone leads to a completely works based salvation that doesn’t involve much of God. Grace alone leads to predestination and election, which denies the role of faith. But salvation is “by grace through faith.” Removing one or the other creates serious issues. (A topic for another day.) Scripture alone does the same thing. By removing the trusted (and fought for) interpretation of the past, Holy Scripture is put in jeopardy. There must be a standard. I violated this standard, but now I have learned my place. I would much rather trust the word of the very first interpreters of Scripture, the apostles and church fathers. They knew the culture it was written to and they knew the philosophy it was in conversation with. I don’t need to find some new fantastical interpretation of Scripture! I am content to share the unchanging truths of Scripture.

Once again I caution you. If you are in a Bible study and five different people share five different interpretations of the same verse of Scripture, beware! I certainly don’t care what Scripture “means” to five different people. It MEANS something, and I don’t think true meanings are relative.

If you compromise one, you can compromise all.

Again, I am truly sorry. I pray you can forgive me.

In Christ’s love,


Just a Quick Thought

Hi, everyone. If you are as busy as I am, you may also be having a hard time remembering to pray.
For the past few weeks that I have been in school, praying has become increasingly difficult. The pursuit of the traditional “quiet time” is over. There is no quiet time on a college campus. None. I can read my Bible every day, but there is constant noise and distraction. I’ve come to realize that prayer is what is more important. In the theology that says God created us to commune with Him, prayer is absolutely necessary. Reading Scripture is great! However, it is the prayer that accompanies the Scripture that actually makes the difference. If Jesus, the Son of God, is the Word, the Scripture, we need to be communicating with Him as we read it.

I’ve been failing miserably. This is my confession. Have a great week y’all.